Confidential Waste Disposal

In the wake of GDPR, secure disposal of confidential documents is of the utmost importance.

On this page you’ll find answers to common questions regarding confidential waste disposal, as well as details on finding confidential waste disposal services near you.

What is confidential waste disposal?

Confidential waste disposal, also known as secure document destruction, is the practice of securely & confidentially destroying documents which contain sensitive, confidential & personal information.

What are the different types of confidential waste?

There are many types of confidential waste. Examples of confidential waste are medical records, bank statements, sensitive business documents & documents with personally identifiable information.

How is confidential waste disposed of?

Confidential documents & other waste is disposed of most commonly by being shredded and recycled. In some cases, confidential waste is disposed of via incineration.

Is confidential waste recycled?

Yes. In most cases, confidential waste such as paper documents is shredded, pulverised and then recycled. In cases where the waste cannot be recycled, it is shredded and disposed of via incineration.

How much does confidential waste disposal cost?

Confidential waste disposable is usually costed by the kilogram. To find out how much your local waste disposal rates are, fill out of form and receive a personalised quote.